When I began this exercise in class, I had a coughing fit and had to step as an integral step was being explained. By the time I returned, I was completely lost.confused


After attempting to rush in order to catch up, I began making several mistakes and altering the html code beyond recognition. This resulted in me being even more confused than I was initially after returning to class. Eventually, I just gave up as the class period was ending. I recognized that the confusion was merely a result of getting lost in the steps and that in order to move forward, I would have to go back and rework the code from the beginning.

As I sat at home and redid the exercise, it became obvious that my hunch about beginning again was a correct one. Completing the exercise took approximately 30 minutes. I effectively went from this sad piece of html-ing…


A screenshot of the original html code.

To this beautiful piece of art, albeit, I still can’t figure out why the Black Goose logo will not show itself. (Will add picture when I figure out why the cropped image won’t save.)

After doing the coding on my own, I recognize that it is not as hard as it initially seemed. I also recognize that being able to concentrate on the actual code is of utmost importance. As a person who tends to be easily distracted, I found being, almost forced, to pay attention to the code itself to be oddly meditative.

I plan to continue coding.



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